What do i mean by self.  Wanted to write all the attributes of a self made person and so the word i chose is SELF. A self made person really needs to accept Oneself and live life to the fullest. For a person to be successful,many things contribute,like the surrounding, family environment,the exposure to the world etc and of-course the self confidence and zeal for the target. In the lack of other factors,The person’s inner qualities always works,The major parts are Self-Confidence,Self -Respect, and The Hard work. 

We have various examples of such personalities who even though lacking the basic facilities initially,  succeeded massively and became Renowned in the world. Dhiru Bhai Ambani who became the entrepreneur of Reliance Industries Ltd is a great inspiration of such personalities who started his operation as a paper vendor and with his continuous effort and self confidence reached to higher level of success.

Another such example is the Odissi Dancer Sonal Mansingh, who even after meeting a major accident and losing her right leg did not lost hope and continued dancing and rewarded with Padma Vibhushan in 2003 and became the first Indian woman dancer to receive this high honour.

So Success is always Self-acquired, and it is never too late to start a step towards the path of leadership and successful life.

Role of Media Today

Media,We all know is the third Pillar of a Democratic country. Different forms of Media We come across day-to-day are  the newspaper,the  internet,through magazines and moreover through TV news channels, 🙂 Yes,Through TV news channels. Always ours Choice.

And now Recall how much we get influenced by seeing  a news on our TV screen as if these are not the medium of information but a Decider Factor in our mind.We all will accept it.This itself means that It has a vital role to play for our society.

But the matter of thought  Does it really playing a Responsible behaviour or everything is done for TRP. We must say sometimes Yes,Sometimes NO. I would Rather say Sometimes Yes,like what it did in Nationwide protest of AnnaHajare and Arvind Kejriwal. And Yes No one can forget The Recent Nationwide Protest against Gangrape culprits and the laws associated with it.

But most of the times NO. The media does everything often for TRP only. It uses its Power to spoil any name or to popularise any name. Like Very well one can remember the string operation of a Poor Female Teacher which was a fake and it spoiled her social life. Also as being a Hindu religion I respect all other religions too but there is always a question in my mind that In The Telacast like Crime Patrol or Dastak whenever there is a Question of Deceit or Misuse of The Trust(Shraddha),it always done by Hindu Saint (as depicted in the programme) and never ever I heard it from Other Religions. Which is Not at all Possible. Also when there is any news available related with any Hindu Religious Saint  the media telecast it at all the Prime Time and continue to do so for  several days as if that one is the only and topmost news available in entire World.

May be everyone will not be with me totally but must support the views Partially. It is not about supporting any Religion or any Individual but The Role What Media Plays Today Is To Make Anyone A Hero,and at the Sametime Anyone As Villain. What Do You Say???????